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Have you joined the "Raise Your Consciousness Movement?"

 You were born 24 karat gold! 

Have you taken the road less traveled?  Do you have a direction?  Are you clear where you are and where you are headed? 

If you answered "No", You are not alone!
 Sometimes along our life path, we go through the dust storms and our gold loses some of its’ brilliance and we forget our hearts desires.  Sometimes it seems like it is buried so deep that it will never shine again.  We settle for survival.. Marcia Harper is here to help you believe it is  your time to follow the path of your personal passions, your hearts desires !

You are a treasure and have something to offer.  When you strive to be better, things around you get better.   

Benefits of Coaching

 Studies have shown the effect of coaching estimated a greater than 5-1 return on investment.  Also when comparing training alone to coaching with training, training alone increased productivity by 22%. While a combination of training and coaching increased productivity by 88%.  

Marcia's years of training with Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard, Loral Langemeir, to name a few, has driven her to follow her passion and spread the message you are not alone with limiting beliefs and you can believe in your silver lining.

Marcia's mission is to share the proven methods of the success principles to reach  anyone that is ready to live the 24 karat gold life they are meant to live.

The Secret?

As you plan your event you already know everything begins with clarity. You want your motivation speakers or guest speaker to inspire your group.

Marcia knows first hand how debilitating and frustrating living with limiting beliefs can be and what it takes to change those into unlimited possibilities.

Marcia's message "You are not alone" is inspiring and offers tools to the secret for living your passion.

The techniques Marcia teaches, work on any age. It is never too late to live the life of your dreams. Marcia is especially passionate about teaching these principles to parents to give our youth more tools to follow and succeed with their dreams, whatever they may be. 

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